Monday, 24 September 2007

John the horse!

We have discovered that John, (the horse we feed when we take Pickles for a walk), is mad about Polo's! We were told by a local that he would 'climb trees for a Polo', so we tried them out. He absolutely loves them, and seems to prefer them to carrots, although I shouldn't think too many of them would be good for him! Here are a couple of photo's as promised:0)
Just click them to enlarge them for a better look!

I was looking at the new service on Blogspot, that enables you to look at hundreds and hundreds of bloggers photo's that have been posted on a public blog, (ours will probably appear on there), when I came across this which I thought would interest you.

One other thing. I went to the dental hospital today, and they have informed me that I have to have my tooth out, (the one next to my front tooth), as the root has cracked and is causing an infection. This has caused the abcess. I have to have a one tooth denture made first, and then they will put it in the same time as they extract my tooth!
I can't believe I have reached the age where I have to have dentures, even if it is only one tooth:0( I am not looking forward to it. It should happen in about a months time.