Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Be Aware!!!

My husband decided to give the growing grass a 'first cut' after the long winter months months of it lying dormant.

He happily mowed away until the large grass box was full, and then set about emptying it. As he pulled out the grass box, there, sitting stunned underneath it, were four large mice! The poor things must have been terrified with that loud motor sound in their ears, and being sandwiches between the mower and the removable grass box. After a few minutes, three of the mice managed to get themselves together, and run out of the grass box, but the third, smallest one just sat there, still stunned.

My husband carefully lifted him out and put him in the bushes, and was pleased to see it shake itself and run away, non the worse for wear apparently.

Perhaps you had better check your machinery for mice or other small animals before you do your first cut of the year. We live in the country, so there are always little mice running around in the gardens. We would never dream that they would make their home inside a lawn mower. There is absolutely nothing that they can eat in the shed where it is housed. I was so pleased to see them all run free again. It could so easily have been a messy outcome. Please remember to check.