Thursday, 2 August 2007

Click for charity

Please don't forget to click the link on the right, 'Click for charity'. Every time you click it, it helps pay for mammograms for the needy. If you look on the top bar of the mammogram page, you will see other organisations that would also benefit from a click:0)

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

New Poll Feature

I tried to add a little poll for a bit of fun. It is a new feature. Unfortunately it isn't working, and I am left with this white box with the message in it. I have been on to a discussion forum, and everyone is complaining of the same thing, saying there is no way to delete this white box, so I am stuck with it. Who knows? It may spring into life all by itself one day!

Len's birthday cards

I just thought I would show you two of Lennie's birthday cards that he received. The first one is from Sindie, in the form of a magazine. Isn't it a good idea?

The second one is from Chris, and is sooo funny!

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Emily has shown me how to put a slide show on here! Thank you Emily:0)

My weekend in Wales

I will just brush over my weekend, because as Sindie came with us, she is, as far as I know, going to do the blog on it!
The weekend was wonderful, but went far too quickly:0( We were blessed with beautiful weather after all that rain, and had a lovely walk with everyone, ending up in a cafe that sold the same cappucino as the one sold at the Savacentre in Gillingham. The best in the whole, wide world, and the one, I am sure, that was to blame for my steady weight gain.
We also spent some time in the garden, and I will post a few photographs.
The food was scrummy, and it was lovely to have someone else do the cooking for me. We were totally spoiled!
Chris and Jo
Jo looking sullen!
Jo on his swing
Aaron being busy!
Makin' bubbles!

My day

As we woke up to another lovely sunny day, and we were at a loss what to do, we decided that we would pay a visit to a local garden centre for some grass seed and some plant feed. On our way, we stopped off at Sindie's to deliver some glitzy material and a 'smashing' pen from Leeta.

I was very pleased to see that both Emily and Livvie were getting stuck in, making their own lunch, while mum got her teeth round a roll! I didn't see what Emily was making, but Livvie's smelt delicious! She had spread some tomato sauce on two slices of bread, covered that in grated cheeses, and then sprinkled a liberal helping of Worcester sauce on top of that, before grilling. It really got my taste buds going, despite the fact that I had just had my lunch of tuna pasta!
When we got to the garden centre I thought I would take a couple of photos for your perusal.

Just had to take a piccie of these!

After having a good walk round, we popped in for the obligatory tea for Lennie, and cappucino for me:0) Tina, this is the garden centre that we took you and Dave to for a little snack.

The little outdoor cafe where I have my cappucino

We decided that the grass seed was far too expensive there, and that we would go to B&Q for it some other time. We are taking Leeta and Arthur to Morrisons tomorrow, so Lennie will probably pop in then.

The lovely veiw
On the way home we stopped to take a picture of the magnificent veiw! It was a very pretty journey.
We then called in to see Babs and Mo, but Mo was out so we had to make do with just Babs!!! We spent a pleasant half hour there, (with no sign of a cuppa!) so we made our way home to lounge in the garden.

Leeta had phoned me this morning to tell me to watch the TV because they were going to talk about a biting spider in England. It is called the fake widow spider and on some people can have a nasty effect. The woman in question had been bitten, and within minutes her thumb had turned black and she was having difficulty breathing. She had lots of other symptoms, but the one that gives me the eebie jeebies is not being able to breathe. It is a long standing fear of mine, (amongst others, I can hear Sindie saying!)

Anyway, I lay on my sun chair in the garden, and was just dozing off, when I got stung or bitten on my arm! It felt like a cigarette burn, and I could clearly see the site of the actual sting, which had left a little wheal. Lennie wanted to take Pickles for a walk, and despite my pleas to wait and make sure I wasn't going to die, he went!

Anyhow, I am fine, and will try and do another blog tomorrow.