Wednesday, 30 April 2008

My Diet

I have started the Rosemary Conley GI Jeans diet and thought it would help me if I blogged about it!! I have been on it one week so far and have lost 4lbs! I am thrilled. My daughter Sindie, and my sister are also doing it. Sindie lost 4lb the first week as well.

I am going to list what I have eaten for the day, and then chart my weight loss each week. I have checked with the Rosemary Conley website, and they have given me permission to do this:0) I think this will be the incentive I need.

I am allowed three quarters of a pint of skimmed or semi skimmed milk a day, plus an extra piece of fruit mid morning and mid afternoon. I am also allowed an extra salad portion. This is in addition to the days meals of course!

This is for the first two weeks, but after that I can either stay on this part of the diet or move on to part two, which has a lot more recipes!

So far I am finding this diet fantastic, and seem to be eating much more than I usually do. It would be nice if some of you decided to buy this book as well, then we could swop notes and recommend recipes:0)

I will announce any weight loss, and the menus throughout the week that led up to it, each Monday. I feel very positive about this diet, so wish me luck.