Friday, 5 October 2007

My big sister!

This is a photograph, as promised of my sister Leeta, who, unbelievably will be 76 years old next month! And several people said I looked young for my age!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

My Birthday!

I finally reached my 65th Birthday on 27th September! And it was one of the best birthdays I have had. My friend of 42 years, Kay, arrived on the day and bought me the biggest basket of fruit I have ever seen! It had a huge pineapple, a melon, oranges, apples, pears, grapes, and bars of Cadbury's chocolate sprinkled about! All the fruit was very over sized.

In the evening I cooked dinner for 9 people which consisted of a huge dish of hot tuna pasta with a crunchy cheese topping, and another dish of vegetable crumble, accompanied by tomatoes and red onion in a herby dressing, and a rocket and watercress salad with home made croutons and a gorgeous dressing, all made by Sindie. I also cooked two large Norwegian apple cakes that were eaten with ice cream and double cream. I have put my picture on here to prove I was at my birthday, as I am missing from the group because I was taking the photo! All my photos will enlarge by you clicking on them.

My 65th Birthday Portrait!

The end of the meal!
After the meal came some surprise presents! Sindie and Gary had already given me theirs. It was a HUGE electric cooking pot with a lovely glass lid that you can also use as a serving dish on the table, thus keeping the food nice and hot. I will use this so much and am thrilled with it! Sindie also made me the lovely picture that she showed you on her blog:0)
Leeta and Arthur bought me an owl string holder to replace the cat one I had broken earlier in the week. It is a really lovely colour, and goes perfectly with my kitchen colours. When the scissors are put in the holder, it looks as though the owl is wearing specs! (They also bought me a fun present of a wind sock to put in the garden, and it is already up).

And Babs and Mo bought me, not one, but two books to read which I love. They also bought me a vegetarian cook book, as they know I am always on the lookout for new veggie recipes! I have to stop Lennie grabbing them before I get a chance to read them! (not the cookery book I might add!!) I am a constant reader. They also got me two boxes of my favourite wipes for cleaning my specs. I can't do without them!

Chris and Sarah gave me the money to treat myself, which I will have great fun doing.

I would like to thank everyone for their lovely birthday cards as well. Even the one from Tina in Spain arrived on time!

Everyone was in a happy mood, and we had great fun with the camera trying to find the right angle to take photographs that make us look slimmer than we are! My 65th portrait is one of them!! Poor Sindie cackled and laughed so much, that she had almost lost her voice the next morning! Great fun was had by all:0)

While my friend Kay was here, we went to Holmfirth which is The Last Of The Summer Wine country, and Kay was thrilled to find 'Sid's Cafe'!! I never watched the series, so didn't recognise anything, but the village was very pretty.

We also went to York for Kay to have some retail therapy! It looks a smashing place, and Lennie and I shall go back again to take in some of the sights of York. There is a museum there that apparently takes all day to go round, so we will have to make an early start! York is a lovely place with some really quaint streets.

The next thing I have to look forward to is next Friday. My brother Billie is coming to Yorkshire from Buckinghamshire to treat 12 of us to a Thai meal!! He did this last year as well, and we had a fantastic time:0) It is so nice being in the company of lots of people that you care about, all at the same time:0)

I am sure that one of us will blog about the meal and post photographs!