Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Sunshine at last!

How nice it is to see the sunshine again! We had to take our dog Pickles to have her vaccinations this morning, and it was quite a long car journey. She thought she was going out for a run, only to be ushered into the vets to have a needle stuck in her. Then another long car journey home! We couldn't take her straight back indoors, as we felt that was unfair so we stopped of at Townend Common, (known locally as 'The Football Field' to give her a run. All this rain has left it looking very lush, and I couldn't help but take a photo of it to show you. All this, and only 5 minutes walk from our home! Moving to Yorkshire was the best move we ever made. It is beautiful! For those of you who may read this blog and not know, I have my daughter Sindie and her family, (husband Gary, and daughters Emily and Livvie) living within 5 minutes from us as well as two of my sisters with their families. That makes this whole Yorkshire experience even more enjoyable. I am looking forward to visiting my son and his family in Gower, South Wales next weekend, which is another lovely place to live. I will take some photos, (weather permitting) and post a couple when we get back.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Other plants

Here are a couple of other plants from my garden. I am amazed that anything at all has grown this year after all the rain and flooding that we had in South Yorkshire!
Today has been a lovely day, with beautiful warm sunshine. Such a change for everyone. People have thrown open their windows and French doors to let some long awaited fresh air into their homes. I really do feel deeply for all the hundreds of people who have had their homes and belongings ruined by the flood waters. I can't think of anything worse than smelly, dirty water everywhere. How on earth do they ever get rid of the smell? While most of England has been suffering with this awful weather, my sister Tina, who lives in Spain, has been putting up with a heat wave!! Let's have some photos on your blog Tina of the beautiful sunshine!
I tried to put a small video on here for you all, but the site won't accept wavs so it didn't work!
Lets hope next time I can include photographs of a barbie!! We will be going to South Wales to see Chris (my son) next weekend, and I will be taking my camera. Would you believe that now South Wales is also flooding:0(

My Lemon Tree

Hi again, I thought you would like to see how my lemon tree is getting along. This was sent to me by my friend Ria after I had fallen down a lot of stairs and was in considerable pain. I was having to sleep in the armchair as I couldn't lie down, and she felt sorry for me! It was just coming into flower when she sent it, and now, despite all this torrential rain (or maybe because of it), it has lots of lemons on it. I have cut off dozens of them to try and get the plant to concentrate on the few that are left, and make them grow.