Monday, 12 October 2015


We had to pop round to Chris and Sarah’s house while they were out.  We let ourselves in, and turned off the alarm, then set about the little job we had to do.
After about five minutes, I heard Lennie shouting something about the gate being left open.  I looked out of the front window, and sure enough, we had forgotten to close the large gate across the drive.  Lennie was nowhere to be seen, so before I went out to close the gate, I looked out of the window into the back garden. 

There was Lennie, frantically waving his arms in the air, and making all sorts of strange noises.  I quickly popped outside, thinking maybe some wasps were attacking him or something.  The sight I saw was hilarious!  He was surrounded by seven sheep, all happily munching away on the lovely grass, completely ignoring his arm waving.  However, as he got louder they began to move, some of them going out of the side entrance to the front, then doubling back again in the other side entrance!  He eventually managed to get them out of the garden on to the front drive, and was successful at shooing them back out of the gate, and closing it.

He spent the next ten to fifteen minutes going all over the garden and drive picking up an unbelievable amount of sheep droppings, which he deposited in a bag, and put into the boot of our car!  On the way home they were put into one of the many ‘doggie bins’ in our village.

One thing is for sure, we won’t forget to close the gate again!  I must say, we had been warned by Chris and Sarah when they first moved to that house that the gate was to be kept shut at all times.  It only take a minute or two for the sheep to realise that a gate is open, and as if by some sort of telepathy, they all start making for it!