Tuesday, 12 February 2008

I just did a lovely long blog, with lots of photographs, but when I clicked Publish Post, it said there was an error, and I lost the lot! I will now try again, but it will be much shorter!
As it was such a lovely day on Sunday, we decided to take Livvie out for a walk around the grounds of Wortley Hall. As usual, our first stop was the Wortley Tearooms. Livvie had a nice big slice of chocolate cake, with a drink of orange juice, and Lennie and I had a cappuccino. ‘Would you like cream and marshmallows’? the waitress asked us. I immediately said yes, despite my diet, but Lennie declined. ‘Grandpa would like marshmallows’ Livvie said quickly. A little later the waitress returned with our drinks and the cake. Much to Livvies delight she had put Lennies marshmallows on the saucer and said to Livvie ‘ I thought this would make it much easier for you to pinch them’!!

After we had finished our little treat, we took a nice stroll round the grounds of Wortley Hall. I had loaned Livvie my spare camera, and she spent a long time happily snapping away with it! It was a beautiful sunny, warm day.

On the way home Livvie said that she wanted to go to Sheffield to meet her friends, so I told her that if she would like to vacuum the inside of the car, and dust it, we would give her five pounds to take with her. She jumped at the chance, and made a very good job of it too!

Here are some of the photo’s of our very pleasant day.