Friday, 1 February 2008


Spider Repellent

Those of you who know me, will be aware that I am absolutely petrified of spiders! I feel sick with dread everytime August/September comes around, because that is the spiders mating season, and the time the huge ones all appear at different times, crawling through different rooms in the house.

The ones that freak me out the most, are the ones that appear in my bedroom! The thought that they could have been crawling over the bed while I am in it makes me feel sick. Anyway.......I saw an advertisement in a magazine advertising this 4 in 1 Pest Repellent machine. It works by emitting ultrasonic pulses which create a 'noisy and hostile' environment which repels pests, whilst remaining absolutely safe for humans and household animals (cats, dogs and goldfish). The appliance is not safe to use if you have the following household pets: Mice, rats, gerbils, guinea pigs, chinchillad, minks and TARANTULAS!!!

It also emits Electromagnetic Waves. Pests hiding in the cracks and walls are repelled by the use of these waves, safely emitted from the appliance throughout the wiring of your house. It also has a clean air ioniser, and an automatic night light. It is effective in an area of 250 square meters (average three bedroom home). Now as I have a larger 4 bedroom house, once I have proved this works, then I shall need to buy another one for downstairs I think!

Now this is the part of the instructions that has really freaked me out!!

'Soon after the appliance is installed, you will probably notice more pests than usual as they are repelled from their hiding places!!! This is normal, and after a period of time will disappear.'

I am now totally on edge, waiting to see all these spiders evacuating their homes and looking for other houses to invade that don't have this super duper pest repellent!! My sister Leeta has said that this is probably the best time to install it, because the large spiders haven't come in yet for mating, and by the time they are ready, they will be put off because of these pulses and waves.

I just had to share this with any other spider hating people. For those that love them, this won't harm them but will make them scamper away quickly from whence they came!

I have naturally plugged it in in my bedroom to ensure that they go first, but when the light comes on at night it is very spooky, and has me scouring the carpet for spiders wishing to evacuate during the night, unseen!!

This is the best picture of the light I could manage, because without a flash it was just a bright blue light.

So come on then, I am dying to hear all your witty comments:0)