Tuesday, 31 July 2007

My weekend in Wales

I will just brush over my weekend, because as Sindie came with us, she is, as far as I know, going to do the blog on it!
The weekend was wonderful, but went far too quickly:0( We were blessed with beautiful weather after all that rain, and had a lovely walk with everyone, ending up in a cafe that sold the same cappucino as the one sold at the Savacentre in Gillingham. The best in the whole, wide world, and the one, I am sure, that was to blame for my steady weight gain.
We also spent some time in the garden, and I will post a few photographs.
The food was scrummy, and it was lovely to have someone else do the cooking for me. We were totally spoiled!
Chris and Jo
Jo looking sullen!
Jo on his swing
Aaron being busy!
Makin' bubbles!


Beetle said...

Oh sooooo cute :O)

granny grimble said...

That was very interesting Sandie. I love the look of that garden centre. That's not the one where we bought my bird feeder stuff is it? Hasn't Joe grown since I last saw him, He didn't look sullen, just pensive. Probably working out Einstein's theory of relativity! I though how much Aaron had changed though. He's got thinner and sort of stretched. The latest photos I have of Aaron are making cakes with you! I hope we have some photos of baby No three in there somewhere!

emilyyy said...

=O Don't the boys look so alike?
Bless them!
I can't wait to see them all again. =]
Haha, glad you found your coffee. How could Grandma possibly live without her coffee?


Spider said...

Oh the boys are lovely, is that Chris's garden? it looks wonderful.

You all look like you are having a wonderful time.