Sunday, 22 July 2007

Other plants

Here are a couple of other plants from my garden. I am amazed that anything at all has grown this year after all the rain and flooding that we had in South Yorkshire!
Today has been a lovely day, with beautiful warm sunshine. Such a change for everyone. People have thrown open their windows and French doors to let some long awaited fresh air into their homes. I really do feel deeply for all the hundreds of people who have had their homes and belongings ruined by the flood waters. I can't think of anything worse than smelly, dirty water everywhere. How on earth do they ever get rid of the smell? While most of England has been suffering with this awful weather, my sister Tina, who lives in Spain, has been putting up with a heat wave!! Let's have some photos on your blog Tina of the beautiful sunshine!
I tried to put a small video on here for you all, but the site won't accept wavs so it didn't work!
Lets hope next time I can include photographs of a barbie!! We will be going to South Wales to see Chris (my son) next weekend, and I will be taking my camera. Would you believe that now South Wales is also flooding:0(


Croom said...

Oooh your garden looks good but not as good as that handsome man, who ever is he?

We will take the dogs down the doggies beach and take some photos for you :O)

Who have you given your addy too? Is it just for family like the round Robbins or can we give it to friends too?
Love Tinaxx

Sindiesmiff said...

Damned handsome devil isn't he?

Croom said...

Yes he is, but who is he? Has your Mum got a lover?