Sunday, 7 October 2007

Our Thai Meal

What a lovely evening we had!

Everyone arrived from their far flung destinations, and it was so lovely to be all together again. When we went into the dining room we saw that Anne had given all the females a lovely box of chocolate truffles, beautifully presented. You can see them in the photo of Sindie and I. I thought that was such a nice touch:0)

Bill and Anne treated us all to this meal, and I have never seen so much food on one table! It was beautifully cooked and presented, and the proprietors are such lovely people. Nothing is too much trouble for them. They even offered to take Lennie and I and Tina and Leeta home, so that Lennie could gave a drink. Of course we declined, but it was very nice of her. Last year when we had our meal, the proprietors wife was expecting a baby, and it was so nice to see this little one year old girl running around! What a sweet little girl she was. She seemed to attach herself to Lennie for some reason:0)

As we sat around the table, I couldn't help noticing how young and healthy my whole family looked, even though they are all getting on in years now. Everybody was laughing and chatting so much, that when we all started to eat the gorgeous sweets that were on offer, it fell a little silent obviously. The proprietor came in and stated how quiet we all were!!! We were all busy eating, but the silence didn't last long I can tell you! I loved it so much being surrounded by my happy family, and even Sindie's hubby Gary and Tina's daughter Leeta were here this time, as it was held in the evening instead of the afternoon.I am sure mum and dad were looking down very proudly at their family!

I have put a lot of photos on this blog just to give those of you who weren't there some idea of the lovely time we had. All my photos can be enlarged by clicking on them individually:0) (By the way, Leeta blogs as Grannygrimble, Babs as Beetle, Tina as Spider and me as Weechuff).

My sister Babs

My sister Mo
My sister Leeta with hubby Arthur

Me with my hubby Len

All of us!

Bill's wife Anne


Tina Mo and Babs

Sindie and Gary

Billie Arthur and Leeta

Tina's daughter, Leeta


Me and Sindie with the chocolates
The little Thai girl

Everyone had a really smashing evening, all thanks to Billie and Anne, and we all look forward to the next family gathering:0)


Spider said...

Yes I second that Sandie, what a wonderful time and meal. Thank you Billie and Ann.

It was so nice all to be together again.

A special thanks goes to all thoes that helped me out that night.

Tina Spain (only I am in England ;O)

Sindie said...

And not everyone got to the try the most delicious sea bass in the whole wide world! Yum scrum! :0)

Sindie said...
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GoldAnne said...

wow what a fantastic time you all had it looked wonderful,
loved all the piccies great seeing whose who!¬¬¬ xxx

Jeanette Spain said...

So pleased you all had a good time, we were thinking of you all. Dave was round here and was a bit sad that he was not there with Tina.
Jeanette Spain

Beetle said...

That Sea Bass did look wonderful, I must admit. You might have given me a taster :O)

It was a wonderful night!

granny grimble said...

It really is a great occasion when we all get together each year. Sadly Gill was not well and couldn't make it. Here's hoping we wil be back to a full compliment next time. Thank you Sandie for writing up the 'family meal' blog. Beautifully done to! What a smashing time we had and so much laughter. Bill and Anne were perfect hosts. The conversation, wine and food flowed freely all night, and a good time was had by all. Thank you Bill and thank you Anne XXX

Bumpkin Bears said...

how wonderful for you to have all your family together, it looked like a fabulous time :)