Tuesday, 12 February 2008

I just did a lovely long blog, with lots of photographs, but when I clicked Publish Post, it said there was an error, and I lost the lot! I will now try again, but it will be much shorter!
As it was such a lovely day on Sunday, we decided to take Livvie out for a walk around the grounds of Wortley Hall. As usual, our first stop was the Wortley Tearooms. Livvie had a nice big slice of chocolate cake, with a drink of orange juice, and Lennie and I had a cappuccino. ‘Would you like cream and marshmallows’? the waitress asked us. I immediately said yes, despite my diet, but Lennie declined. ‘Grandpa would like marshmallows’ Livvie said quickly. A little later the waitress returned with our drinks and the cake. Much to Livvies delight she had put Lennies marshmallows on the saucer and said to Livvie ‘ I thought this would make it much easier for you to pinch them’!!

After we had finished our little treat, we took a nice stroll round the grounds of Wortley Hall. I had loaned Livvie my spare camera, and she spent a long time happily snapping away with it! It was a beautiful sunny, warm day.

On the way home Livvie said that she wanted to go to Sheffield to meet her friends, so I told her that if she would like to vacuum the inside of the car, and dust it, we would give her five pounds to take with her. She jumped at the chance, and made a very good job of it too!

Here are some of the photo’s of our very pleasant day.


Jeanette Spain said...

It looked a nice day out, Livvie enjoyed it by the looks of things, So pleased you had a warm sunny day for your trip, nice of the waitress to give Livvie the marshmallows to pinch.
Jeanette Spain

Beetle said...

Ooooh the coffee looks looooooverly! I love the shot of Livvie with the sun rays :O)

granny grimble said...

What a lovely day that looked. Warm sunshine, lovely surroundings and a mouthwatering coffee. All that marshmallow and cream. Oh Bliss!
I am so looking forward to summer this year and that really whetted my appetite! I love the photos of you and Lennie having a snuggle and Livvie in the sunrays. X

Spider said...

What a lovely happy family blog Sandie. Nothing can be nicer than spending a day with your grandchild like that. Lucky you.

The photos were all lovely, as the others have said I particularly love the sun rays, very pooooosh.


Sindie said...

Wortley Hall is beautiful. I might take Gary this weekend as it's so close by and we can carry the puppy. :0)

GoldAnne said...

hi seem to having good day posting ,,,well tw!!!!
as i said b4 when it wouldnt post livie is such a gorgeous girl!!!!
and you look good too!!! ps want that coffee lol

Swubird said...

What a beautiful day, and a very nice family. A day like that sure makes you feel lucky to be alive an well.

The Queen and I had a very good day ourselves. Nothing special. We went to the mall, and, as usual, I sat in a sift chair a read a book while she visited all of the stores. It was nice and pleasant, but I figure it cost me about $35 an hour to sit there. But, hey, it's just money, right?

You have a very nice blog. I'll definitely be back. And by the way, thanks for visiting my blog all the way over here in California.

Have a nice day.

Moribundo said...

As a Yorkshireman I should know where Wortley Hall is - but alas I dont! Enjoyed reading about your 'Grand day Out', as Wallace & Gromit might say!

Faisal Admar said...

Lovely. The only word I could describe.

The pic of you and your husband is the best. How I wish all couples in the world would have a long happy relationship like you. And yes I hope I will find the right woman as my wife as well.

I never try Cappuccino with marshmallows. I bet it tastes great =)