Thursday, 28 August 2008

Our New Project

Those of you who know us, are aware that we live on a very windy corner, and are always having trouble with our fences blowing over and crushing our neighbours plants and solar lights! After a couple of embarrassing years, tying the fence to the other side of the garden using bright blue towing ropes to try and hold the fence up during gales, we decided enough was enough, and we would have to lay out for new fencing. This is what the fence looks like now.

As you can see, it rests directly on the grass and if one part gets blown over it takes a lot more with it!

The fence is 90 feet long, and we have decided to buy the sort of fence that has panels seperated by concrete posts, so that if there is any damage, we just have to slide the broken panel out and replace it with another, rather than dig up the huge wooden posts and replace them as well. The fence will rest on concrete gravel posts, all of which have been delivered now, and deposited in various parts of the garden by Len and my son Chris. It was thought that while he was here visiting for a while, he would help Len put them close to where they will be needed, as they are extremely heavy, and Len is no spring chicken!

Work started this morning, digging the hole for the first post. As this is the one that is adjacent to next doors gate, it was the one most worrying Lennie. He says once this is sorted out he should be able to get on with the rest of it okay.

Thank goodness this will see an end to poor Lennie, on his hands and knees in icy, windy conditions, digging holes and mixing cement to replace broken fence posts!
I will update this project as it moves on.

As usual, one post in and rain stopped play!!!!


Babs (Beetle) said...

Oh That's a big job! Poor Len. It's a shame Chris doesn't live close by to help him!

granny grimble said...

Wow! What a mega job for Len. When I saw the length of the fence you were replacing, my first thought was the 'arm and a leg' it must be costing! No more triple chocs for you. This rain is such a nuisance isn't it, I'm waiting for a gardener to start clearing my back garden, but it keeps raining.

weechuff said...

They were Chris's words exactly. There is no-one here to help him so he has got to get on with it!

It is a mega job! You should see the state of Lennie's arms from just lifting the one post. I will take a photo and post it:0)

Sindie said...

...and Gary can't help as he's at work all day and away for the next two weekends. I am particularly worried about dad's back luggig all those concrete posts about. :0(

granny grimble said...

Doesn't Len have a trolley of some sort that he can carry the conctrete on? It does seem a risk to his back. An accident just waiting to happen.

weechuff said...

Yes, he does have a trolley, and he has given us his word that he will use it. We shall see.

Croom said...

Poor Len, what a mammoth job he has taken on. Remember when Leeta was in hospital and I was staying, I had the same fencing put in for her and it took three men the entire day and Leeta had only seven panels. Poor Len, how will he manage large heavy panels when he is trying to place them into the slots? You will have to go out and help him hold them :O(

I shall keep returning to watch over him :O)

Swubird said...


Wow! What a job! And under the worst possible conditions too. My heart goes out to you all. Good luck.

A few years ago we had to replace one side of our fence. The old one had almost completely rotted away. I hired a guy and he did all the heavy lifting. I had to fork over some bucks, but my neighbor and I split the bill. Now the other side is in need of replacement. It never ends.

Happy trails.

weechuff said...

Croom and Swubird

We did enquire how much it would cost to have it fitted for us, but they wanted £1,400.00 (double what we paid for the fencing)so it was no contest. He has to do it himself. Still, being retired,he can take his time and he doesn't have to get it finished in a couple of days:0)

Jay said...

We replaced our 'woven panel' fencing and a very wobbly brick wall with this type of fence - wood panels on a concrete base with concrete posts. It was the best thing we ever did - you won't regret it! It's a much stronger fence and won't rot at the foot where it rests on the ground.

That's a lot of work for Len though, especially on a slope. We did as Swubird did and hired someone to do the heavy lifting.

Tell Len to take care!

GoldAnne said...

gosh what a big job!!!
but you have a wonderful view from
the garden.

love anne xxx