Saturday, 1 November 2008

A Little Bit Of Art

I was leafing through a Van Gogh book when I came across a painting that I had copied when I was much younger, back in the early seventies. I decided to compare the two after all this time, and must say I was a bit disappointed to see that my copy wasn't as good as I remembered! What do you think?

Portrait of an Actor - Van Gogh My Copy

I was closer when I took the picture of my copy, so it looks larger, but it is actually the same size! It is also behind glass so the colour looks less intense.

I also drew this picture from a photograph of a statue called 'Ecstacy of Saint Theresa', but amongst the hundreds of books I have, I can't find the picture I copied it from. There are plenty on Google, but taken from a different angle.

Again, it is behind glass and done in pencil in 1976, and was very difficult to photograph without a flash. (At least for me it is!!) They can all be seen more clearly by clicking on them.

And there you have it. Two bits of art done many years ago!


Babs (Beetle) said...

Firstly, why didn't you scan them in? It would be much better - and easier to do.

The head looks very good to me. Strikes me, you started wrong with the main shape, then did a brilliant job of painting it!

The pencil one is also brilliant ;O)

weechuff said...

I did try scanning them in, but they are sealed in frames behind glass, and came out very dark as the frames held the painting away from the scanner bed. I didn't want to rip them out of their frames. I noticed that the head was completely the wrong shape as soon as I compared them:0(

granny grimble said...

You were so wise to keep your art work. It's very good and must give you a happy feeling knowing that you actually produced it. I haven't got any of my paintings. I did so many and sold them all because I valued the cash more than the work. I wish now, that like you, I'd saved a few. It's got to be Dad's genes hasn't it, and they still carry on in the grandchildren. Why don't you have another go?

Croom said...

I think they are fantastic and to me the photo image!! Oh everyone is so talented. I wonder what happened when it came to me :O(

weechuff said...

I didn't know that you did any paintings. How come I never saw any of them when you painted so many? I knew you were artisic because of all the wonderful cards that you painted for me and for Chris. What a shame I never saw any.

How can you say you are not talented? When you ran your beauty salons you did the most wonderful make-up on people, including stage make-up. And look at all the lovely greetings cards you produce now.

Anne said...

And we are the lucky ones because we have one of your paintings - 1975. Hanging with pride on our wall.
Anne x

Lynne Chapman said...

I'm impressed! I think the painting is an extremely good copy. The head perhaps looks slightly less slender at the top, but I didn't notice it at all until it was pointed out. The drawing is lovely too: so sensitively and delicately done.

I didn't know you painted. It's so interesting to look back on your achievements. I'm surprised you were disappionted though: in your position, I'd be thinking 'how clever I am!'

Sindie said...

Well I think they are pretty damned good!I know what you're like though, you can only draw or paint when the mood strikes and unfortunately it hasn't struck in the last 35 years!!! It wold be great if you could do some more now. What do you think?

weechuff said...

Yes, it was the partner painting to 'Portrait of an Actor' if I remember rightly. A man with a trilby and a moustache! I never thought you would ever hang it:0)

Yes, the shape is wrong. It was difficult to get the colours to match because Van Gogh did it in oils and I did it in water colours!! But in real life, the colours are a good match if I say so myself:0)

If you look at the pencil drawing, you will see a tear falling from her eye. I can only see that if I click on the drawing to enlarge it. That is why I can no longer copy anything, (and I can only copy, not do original work). I can't see well enough:0(

GoldAnne said...

wow they are fantastic!!!
very talented lady
love anne

weechuff said...

Thank you for your kind comment:0)

Black Cat said...

What a talent! I think both are great. Ever thought of a career in forgery, haha!

I painted quite a few pictures from my (weird) imagination squillions of years ago when I was young and full of angst. Pinky and I burnt most of them last year coz they were so embarrassingly bad!

Sandi McBride said...

Well actually I think they're both quite nice. Especially the drawing of St. she is my patron Saint I was quite thrilled to see her...good job! And poor Van Gogh,who could do much with that man, anyway!
So glad to see you drop by...wish I had some artistic talent! You definitely have bragging rights...

Jeanette Spain said...

You have a lot of talent very impressed with the painting.
It looks realy good to me.
Jeanette Spain

Swubird said...


They look very good to me. In fact, I'd say that you have some real artistic skill.

Happy trails.

Sarah said...

Blimey, you are one talented family! It's certainly in the genes! Seriously good.

Hugs, Sarah x

weechuff said...

Black Cat: What a shame you burnt them. I would have loved to have seen them!

There's a coincidence then. Thank you for popping over:0)

Thank you for your compliment:0)

Thanks for your kind words. Everyone is being so nice about them!


I am glad you like them. I wish I could still do art, but my eyes aren't good enough any more, and as Sindie said, I could only ever do it when the mood took me!

Anonymous said...

hello, thank you for going through my blog,
Thank you like !!!!!
No, not drawing in a professional manner just enjoy ..

I love your blog !!!!!
the copy is excellent

I keep going
a taste

sorry for my bad English

Sandi McBride said...

Just checking in to see if you had posted anew...I'm disappointed...back later

Finding Pam said...

The world is smaller than I think. I was an art major in college and did the copies of the masters paintings. Yours are very nice and it brought back memories for me. I still have them somewhere and after we move maybe I will post them. Ha Ha!

I loved you poems. Life just goes by too fast.

Thank you for stopping by my little blog and becoming a follower. Nice to meet you. Lovely tree too and Merry Christmas.

maddy hill said...

oh my i think its totally fab lady !
I do hope your still doing art !
would be a waste of talent !

maddy - leeds

Laurie said...

I liked your painting very much. It actually looks like Martin Tracey, the award-winning picture framer in Bath!
Best wishes.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog.
Your artistic ability is to be commended.