Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Be Aware!!!

My husband decided to give the growing grass a 'first cut' after the long winter months months of it lying dormant.

He happily mowed away until the large grass box was full, and then set about emptying it. As he pulled out the grass box, there, sitting stunned underneath it, were four large mice! The poor things must have been terrified with that loud motor sound in their ears, and being sandwiches between the mower and the removable grass box. After a few minutes, three of the mice managed to get themselves together, and run out of the grass box, but the third, smallest one just sat there, still stunned.

My husband carefully lifted him out and put him in the bushes, and was pleased to see it shake itself and run away, non the worse for wear apparently.

Perhaps you had better check your machinery for mice or other small animals before you do your first cut of the year. We live in the country, so there are always little mice running around in the gardens. We would never dream that they would make their home inside a lawn mower. There is absolutely nothing that they can eat in the shed where it is housed. I was so pleased to see them all run free again. It could so easily have been a messy outcome. Please remember to check.


Swubird said...


It's so good to see your blog up and running again, and to read about your interesting posts.

I hate to kill anything, so I'd probably do the same thing your husband did - put the little critters in the bushes.

When I was young we lived in the country too, only it was desert. We had a screened in back porch and that's where my aunt kept the trash until we gathered it up to burn. was a perfect haven for mice and they'd hide in the trash bags. One morning I heard a mouse in the bag and when I stuck my hand inside to catch him, he bit me on the finger. Ouch! That was a valuable lesson - keep my hands out of those trash bags.

Happy trails.

Babs (Beetle) said...

I'm surprised they didn't die of a heart attach, poor little mice. It's so good they all ran off in the end :O) Mo did ours the other day, but we don't have a grass box.

granny grimble said...

Poor little things, they must have been so scared. I like to imagine that they left home a few weeks previously to seek their fame and fortune. What tales of valour they will be telling their families now!

weechuff said...

I wouldn't have put my hand into a rubbish bag while living in the desert. Goodness knows what could have been in there!

I was so frightened that I would see little mice with amputated legs. I don't know what we would have done!

Granny Grimble
They must have been very brave little mice indeed to have survived that trauma for twenty minutes! We will make sure it never happens again I can tell you.

Croom said...

Oh bless their little hearts. Did the third one run off in the direction of its siblings?

Croom said...

Oh bless their little hearts. Did the third one run off in the direction of its siblings?

Hortoris said...

Have you cut the grass again yet because the birds are now nesting!

weechuff said...


They all ran off in different directions. Let's hope they met up again somwehere!!

weechuff said...


Welcome to my blog. We very carefully check underneath the grass box now, but birds couldn't get into the shed where it is kept.
This year the birds seem so much busier than in past years, and we are getting through loads of bird food:0)

Cecelia said...

Poor little mice!
Thanks for your comment on my blog. Hope all goes well with your daughter. I haven't done any blogging for a while. My aunt, who was in the nursing home, died, and we were with her through that time. She died at 4 p.m. I came home, and the 23 year old cat died in my arms at 5:30 p.m., the same day. We had the funeral and all do do, and, at the funeral, they had to call paramedics for me-to the church. I couldn't breathe. Spent the next week in the hospital with Congestive Heart Failure and extremely high blood pressure, and had a stint put in for a blocked artery. Haven't felt like getting on the computer much. I did a lot of sketching in the hospital! Now, it's changing a lot of things in my life. Sure miss the cat to pet, but I have another one. He's a great cat, too, but doesn't have the unique characteristics of the old cat. The preacher even talked about the cat at my aunt's funeral! It was quite a story. People tell me that the story gives them chills. The vet couldn't believe she was still alive at 23.

weechuff said...


What a shame about your auntie and your cat, not to mention your troubles. What a sequence of events. You couldn't make that up if you tried! I am sure you will love the new cat just as much as the old one. Thank you for stopping by.

Sandi McBride said...

Poor things!!! We always have to look for kittens of all things!