Wednesday, 29 August 2007


I didn't blog about it, but just before Chris and Sarah came to visit, I found a lump on my gum. I went to the dentist and she said it was an abcess and gave me three days antibiotics. No one could understand why I wasn't in any pain, other than being aware it was there. I was told some horrific tales about abcesses, and huge swollen faces with agonising pain, so was a bit apprehensive waiting for the pain to hit! The dentist has referred me to the dental hospital, to either have the crown and tooth removed, or drill into the root to drain the infection, which ever they decide. She said I will not hear from them for about three months!!

By yesterday, the abcess was still there so I went back to the dentist for some more antibiotics. She was about to prescribe some until I told her that I wasn't really in any pain with it. 'If you have no pain then I won't give you any more antibiotics' she said. She then proceeded to squeeze it and mess around with it in general, telling me I had to do the same to get the infection out. I also have to hold warm water in my mouth to encourage it to burst:0(

I have been quite successful with the squeezing, but I need a bit of help. Do you think it would be okay to steralize a needle and give it a helping hand? After all, dentist do lance them sometimes I am told.

Fancy having to carry on like this for three more months. And supposing I had been in agony like most people are? It is right above to my front tooth, and really feels annoying. I just hope it doesn't suddenly come to life and cause my face to swell up like a football like my mother-in-laws did:0( She was in absolute agony.


granny grimble said...

Are you sure thatit has got pus in it! I've never heard of such a thing. Are you sure it isn't some sort of growth? I don't wish pain on you, but surely it ought to hurt by now? It isn't a very good time to muck about with it if Chris and the family are coming back, is it? I can't really believe that the dentist is just leaving it like that. Poor you!

Beetle said...

I have had several and there are definitely two types. One that causes horrific pain and swelling. I have had two of them. The other just as sandie decribes with no pain. I have had more than one of those also. As long as you see, and get rid of, the infection it won't suddenly become the other type. I don't know why they are differentb but they are. I had one that lasted several weeks and eventually went on it's own. Antibiotics did nothing for it.

Sindie said...

I had a non painful one as well. I just kept nicking it with a finger nail to drain it. It went on for literally months!

granny grimble said...

Thbis is all quite revolting! :0)

Spider said...

oooh you funny swollen lot. Leeta and I are clean living and we never get nasty things like that do we Leeta?

Hope it goes soon Sandie, I do not know what to say about squeezing it. If the dentist says do so then a sterilised needle will help, better if you can prick it either side. We were taught that in beauty school for lancing boils on faces.

kay said...

Hi Sandie, just testing my google address and password.

GoldAnne said...