Tuesday, 4 September 2007


Chris and Sarah set off for their week in The Lake District, and they were all very excited and looking forward to it. They couldn't go anywhere for the first three days because it was Sat, Sun and Mon of the Bank Holiday, and of course the roads in the Lake District were jammed. By Tuesday, when they should have all been able to enjoy the rest of their time their, they were hit very hard with what they thought was food poisoning. First the youngest, Jo who is just over 18 months old vomited and had diarrhea, a couple of hours later it was Sarah's turn. Sarah is expecting her baby at the end of November, and unfortunately only just made it out of their people carrier before she was sick all over the path. She went inside, where it continued. Then I am not sure if it was Aaron, who is almost six, or Chris, (the daddy) who was next. They continued like this until the day they had to come home, when they seemed better. Chris was taken ill again on the journey to us, with a bad headache, and when they arrived, he looked awful! Still they thought it was food poisoning, so were not worried about passing anything on to us.
Sindie came round that evening, and cooked us all the best vegetarian meal we have ever tasted! It was vegetable paella, with a lovely side salad that had the most yummy dressing and hot croutons! I had to take these photos for you.

We had a lovely evening, and Sindie had even bought two different kinds of cheesecake for dessert:0)
The next day, I was sitting with Aaron in the lounge, and Sarah and Chris were having a rest upstairs. All of a sudden, Aaron threw up all over the settee, (which is fabric). Chris came rushing down, and it took me and him to clean Aaron down, while Lennie was frantically trying to remove the seat covers and cushion covers! Thank goodness the settee was an expensive one and had removable covers.

We thought that was the end of it, but by the time Chris and Sarah were ready to go home on Sunday, I was feeling exhausted, hot, cold and ached all over. I don't know how I kept my eyes open for the last hour of their visit. I didn't want to tell them how bad I was feeling, because I had promised to baby sit that morning while they went to Meadowhall to get some maternity clothes. And I had to prevent Jo from having his afternoon nap so that he would sleep on the way home.

Anyway, once they had left, I literally collapsed on to the settee, and I was shivering with cold, and had a thick fleece and a fluffy blanket over me. I was feeling very sick, and all my bones ached. It couldn't have been food poisoning, and must have been a bug. I didn't eat anything for two days, but as soon as I was well enough to get up and shower, Sindie was throwing up and felt awful, and Livvie her 12 year old, has passed out in the shower!
Poor Sindie has been feeling very 'tender' today. Apparently they also had the shivers. Livvie went back to school, as it was her first day after the summer holidays, but she felt a little shaky apparently.
So that was the last week of Chris and Sarah's holiday.
The first week they were here was grand, and we went out and about. Sindie will probably blog about the walk they all did, while I baby sat again.
We may not see them again until Christmas, when they will have just had another addition to the family. Chris asked if we could go and see the baby when it is born, but whilst I was explaining that it was too near to Christmas, and they would be coming anyway, Sarah said 'And where do you think your mum and dad are going to stay if they come. We will have an extra cot!
Dear me, space is at a premium at the moment. We have decided that when they come for Christmas, we will have Jo in our room in the travel cot, Sarah will have the baby in her room, Chris will sleep in the spare room, and Aaron will have a bed made up in the computer room again. There isn't enough room in Chris's room for the travel cot, but our bedroom is quite large and we have plenty of room. I know he wakes up most mornings before 6.00a.m. but we will have to cope with that:0) I am sure we will have lots of fun!!


Beetle said...

Oh my! Lets hope that everything goes well Christmas eh? I can't believe that we have only seen Jo as a tiny baby as they have been ill every time they've visited you since :O(

granny grimble said...

My goodness! That sounds horrendous Sandie. Did you manage to clean the settee OK? I hope it didn't go through the covers and in to the upholstery. I sure am glad that we didn't see anything of you or Sindie last week. Lynne said John had been quite ill, and when I last spoke to her she was still OK. Len seems to be oblivious to these things too doesn't he? Quite a week here in Sheffield for for tales of woe eh? Still we did have the very happy tale of the new sewing machine. That cheered us all up!
Do let us know how many pounds in weight you've lost, and hopefully you will be fully recovered in a couple of days.

Sindie said...

Crikey, that paella looks horrendous in the photo! It was most delicious though I can assure everyone!

It's certainly going to be a full house a Christmas. Maybe you should consider extending?!!!

weechuff said...

It certainly was delicious. They are lovely artichokes you can see settled on the top!

GoldAnne said...