Saturday, 11 August 2007

Much ado about nothing

Because my big sister has been bullying me into writing another blog, I will attempt to do so, but nothing really interesting has happened to me over the past week.


A few days ago I popped in to see sindie and just had to take these pictures of her handsome pussycat, Arthur. He is a huge, soft, cuddly lump of a cat:0)


Last weekend Emily stayed with us because she doesn't like going away in the camper van. She was eating her lunch in the garden, and I took this picture of her. She was mortified! No make up on and her hair not done! I think she looks very nice, not posing for a change!

This Friday Livvie came to stay for a couple of days, and as it was so hot, we set up the garden shower on the lower patio, for her and Pickles to play in it. Livvie had the brilliant idea of giving Pickles a bath in the garden, which is the only place we can bath her due to the humungous amount of hair that she sheds. I was all for this, so Livvie set about doing it. She made a really thorough job of it, and here are a few pictures that I took for my blog.

Now Pickles is shiny and clean, and smells of nothing worse than lovely shower gel!


Livvie then decided she wanted to make a huge Giggle Cake for Sindie to take on holiday with her. It is the type of cake that keeps very well, but usually gets eaten before it has had a chance to prove itself!! I have a constant supply of Giggle Cake in my house, because Lennie loves a nice big chunk every evening about 10.00p.m. with a cup of tea. Livvie's turned out lovely, and she then said she wanted to make a Feather cake. This is just a light sponge, but she likes to put mixed spice in it. Both her and Sindie won't eat currants or sultanas, which the giggle cake has an abundance of:0)


Livvie then learnt a very convincing magic trick, which is very clever. We are still not sure of how she does it! I won't tell you about it because she will want to show her aunties the trick.
Sindie's friends, Dawn and Glen arrived last night for the start of their holiday, so Livvie wanted to go home lunch time to see her 'Uncle Sausages' as she calls Glen. We took her home, proudly carrying two lovely cakes, and all the ingredients for her magic trick. Unfortunately, they were all out shopping, and only Emily was at home, so she had to bottle up her excitement until they arrived home. I hope the trick went okay for her:0)


By the way, I am a very lucky bunny. As I am writing this blog, Lennie is busy shampooing the hall and lounge carpets for me, and he has just bought me up a nice hot milky coffee to boot!

Well I told you I didn't have much to report. Sindie and Co., are leaving for their holiday on Sunday, and Emily will be moving in until Wednesday, (when she will spend the night at her friends house) then she will move in with Babs and Mo on Thursday until her mum comes back home on Saturday, because I have Chris, Sarah, Aaron, Jo and lumpie arriving that day. Who knows what next week may bring? We are in charge of Sindies cats, so I suppose there is always the chance of a story there!! And I am sure we shall be doing all sorts of nice things when Chris and Sarah come.


granny grimble said...

That was a lovely peaceful week-end type of blog. Easy to read, interesting and sort of 'nice'. How lucky you are. Someone to wash the dog and someone to wash the carpets! I too washed (well steam cleaned) my kitchen carpet, but that's the second time this week. Don't even ask why!

Spider said...

Oh what a lovely breezy blog. I really enjoyed reading it. It is so nice to have a little insight into the lives of the ones we love ah.

How I wish Livvie would come and stay to help me bath my two dogs! You are very lucky Pickles likes water, she is big and would be a nightmare to handle if she was frightened of it.

More blogs like this one please Sandie, I am sure a week with Emily will give lots to say.

Beetle said...

I was wondering when you was going to write another blog! That's the sort of things that a blog is useful for. Just everyday stuff that's nice to read. We will have to wait until they are back from holiday for the trick now :O(

Bry said...

Wot a lovely weekend you had....nothing nicer than sitting out in the garden in the sunshine and reading....bliss!

If your hubbie fancies a bit more carpet shampooing then mine are up for it!!! LOL Three kids and a dog mess it up good and proper!