Monday, 6 August 2007


What a beautiful day it was yesterday! I managed to get out in the garden in the afternoon, and it was so hot that all I did was lounge around and read:0)
Sindie and Gary came round in the evening, after their return from a weekend away, and we had sausages and mash with onions in the garden! We sat out there until quite late, even after they had gone home. We could smell barbeques all around us!
Today was much cooler, with quite a stiff breeze. We live on a windy corner, so it was just too breezy to sit out :0( We popped in to see Sindie and the girls as usual, and also went to see Leeta and Arthur.
Leeta and I have what we call a 'slimming club'. We try to weigh in regularly and each week put £5.00 each in a cash box. (This is the money it would have cost us to go to Weight Watchers) By the end of the year we have about £250.00 saved towards Christmas expenses! Sindie also does this with us, but she weighs in at home. This week, Leeta and I both lost two pounds, so are quite pleased! Sadly, this is not the 'norm', but we aim to make it so, don't we Leeta?
Next week I hope to take a photo of Leeta and Arthur when we go for weigh in, and I will put it on the blog:0) You have never seen two people who look so young for their age! (Mind you, you won't be able to tell, because it is not my place to tell you how old they are)!!!
Tomorrow we take Pickles to the vet for her second lot of injections. She gets so excited when she gets in the car, thinking she is going for a run, and all she gets at the end of the ride is a needle stuck in her neck! We will have to do what we did last time, and stop off at the football field so that she can have a game with her ball!
I have tried to make this into seperate paragraphs, but each time I publish it, the words all go together again. Sorry if it makes it a difficult read!


Beetle said...

Well we went out into the garden yesterday too, although I came back in after about twenty minutes! It was just too hot for me :O)

weechuff said...

That was a fast comment, Babs. I am still editing it!! Hahaha!

granny grimble said...

I so wanted to sit in the garden yesterday in our new chairs that we've hardly used, and read. Unfortunately Arthur won't sit out, he says it's too hot! I tried two days and couldn't get him to go out. I don't wan't to leave him on his own, so along with driving, that's another bit chipped off! I did have a nice lazy day though, my bones were hurting a lot, so I sat in my lovely recliner instead, and read half my book!
I was so pleased that we both lost two pounds today, I had two cream doughnuts an a portion of chips and a glass of wine to celebrate! Only joking of course! If you are going to put our photos on the blog next week, I give you my permission to let everyone know that we have turned 65! Turned it into what is another thing!

Spider said...

That was a lovely blog Sandie, and quite easy to read :O)

I hope I am not sounding cocky (as I live in Spain)when I say it was so nice to hear you are having sunshine. I do not mean it so, I am really pleased that you can all get a bit or rays (even if you sit out of them) to relax and read. Nothing makes you feel better than to see sunshine I think.

Are the injections for Pickle for the trouble she was having with her overactive bladder?

I do wish her better.
Tina Spain.

Sindie said...

Hot again today. It certainly does make you feel better when the sun is shining. We have had so much rain this summer I was feeling very hard done by!

weechuff said...

No Tina, they are Pickles yearly inoculations. She is on permanent medication for her over active bladder, and it is working very well. I know what you mean about the sunshine. We have had so little of it this year, we are all feeling hard done by! We are in August, and poor Sindie has only been able to enjoy time in her camper van once this year!

spanishjay said...

You look very relaxed lying there like Cleopatra, peal me a grape someone.
What a good idea to save christmas money and loose some weight as well.
Keep up the good weight lose.
Jeanette Spain

granny grimble said...

Nothing since Monday and it's Friday now. Come on Sandra, get cracking!

granny grimble said...

You had the nerve to complain to me because I hadn't written up for a couple of days!!! It's a week tomorrow since we had anything from you. Never mind about saving and printing Tina's blog, how about contributing a bit