Wednesday, 17 September 2008

All done!!

At the risk of boring you all senseless, here is a final video clip of the fence all finished! You have no idea what a mammoth job that was for one old aged pensioner to do on his own. Thank goodness it is all over. The whole job was made worse due to the fact that the garden is on quite a slope! Now he said he intends to take a week off to potter, then start on the transformation of the dressing room into another guest bedroom. He has until Christmas to get that finished, so can take his time if he wants to, but knowing Lennie, he will go at it until it is finished!


Croom said...

Ohhh what a big job jobbed! Well done Len.

Will you loose your computer room now?

Tina x

weechuff said...

No, I will still keep my computer on the desk in there when it becomes a bedroom. Plenty of room! Also, it is now a laptop, so can use it anywhere as there are computer points in the other guest bedroom and the lounge:0)

granny grimble said...

What a truly tremendous task that was. Doesn't it look beautiful? I bet your neighbour is pleased, no more crushed plants:0)
Well done Len Take a bow...Take another one!

weechuff said...

Thank goodness we have very understanding neighbours. Only yesterday she told us to chop down her plants to fence height to improve our veiw if we want to!

Babs (Beetle) said...

Wow! That's a magnificent fence! So long. Well done Len!

Swubird said...

Great job. Excellent fence. Something to be proud of. The video was good too. Next time you make a video, though, say a few things as you pan the camera.

Happy trails.

GoldAnne said...

wow what a fantastic job ,len is certainly a perfectionist, the garden is beautiful too.. such hard work!!!
will try and post again grrrr!!!
(Sandie you and croom are so alike!!!!)
love anne xxx

weechuff said...

Yes the fence is quite long - 90feet!

I will remember your advice next time, but I really do hate the sound of my voice on video! That is why I try and keep quiet. But it would make it more interesting for the viewer if I spoke I suppose:0)

So you think Tina and I look alike? I don't think I am like any of my sisters really. Tina is the one who most resembles mum in her eyes and facial expressions. She is two years younger than me. I am the middle one of 5 girls, and, I might add, the only tall one in the whole family, including the boys. All the other girls are short. So I am the odd one out!

Lynne Chapman said...

Not only a very smart fence (well done Uncle Len!) but my goodness, what a beautiful lawn!!! You would shrink back in horror if you saw ours.

Thanks you SO much for your links to my blog. Much appreciated. And for your loyal support. Sorry I've not popped in to thank you before now! x

KAT said...

My Mum was born in Yorkshire, so when I saw the name of your blog, I just had to come! It was lovely to see the garden and the houses again. It brought back fond memories.
Thank you! :)