Monday, 31 August 2015


We had our two grandsons Joe (9) and Jake (7) staying with us today and overnight, so thought we would tire them out a bit in readiness for bed tonight  We have a beautiful place just five minutes away called Penllergaer Woods, where we walked and scrambled for just over an hour.  The woods have some lovely waterfalls, and they were particularly lively today after all the rain we have had.  I have never seen them like this, and usually there are a few older boys jumping from the top and swimming below, but not today, it was far too dangerous for that!  I have put a couple of videos on here to show you.  I also took my camera, as stills are much better when you are on the move, but when we got it out, it was as flat as a pancake! (The battery, not the camera)!!

After we finished our walk, we ended up in the woodland tea shop, which is set all on it's own amongst the trees. Thank goodness it wasn't too bad as far as the wasps go, but they have been particularly troublesome this month.

All in all a lovely day with the boys, who are now watching a little TV after downing a huge roast dinner!  Tomorrow morning we have promised to take them to Fforestfach to walk round the 'silly shop' as they call it.  It sells the most unusual things like Roman soldiers helmets, eight foot giraffes, skulls etc., all the sort of things that enthrall young boys :0)  I may take a few photo's tomorrow to show you the sort of things they sell.  And all surprisingly cheap as well!


Babs-beetle said...

It took me a while to realize that your camera wasn't damaged and you meant your battery was flat! Ha ha!

weechuff said...

Hahaha! I had better rephrase that!!

Croom said...

It sounded like there was fun for all to be had. Did you put a video on?

weechuff said...

Yes, there are three on here Tina?

Anne said...

What a great day. It's always such fun when you are looking through the eyes of your grandchildren. Always special times.
You know I will be rubbish Sandie at keeping up with your blog but I will certainly enjoy reading about your 'antics' and will do my best!
Anne x

weechuff said...

I think you may need to view the blog on your computer Tina to see the videos? They don't show up on my iPad either :0)