Tuesday, 1 September 2015


       The Lost  Handbag

I forgot to tell you.  The other day I was in Lidl, and there, in the middle of a completely deserted aisle on the floor was a very expensive, large black patent handbag.  I picked it up and carried it around until I found a member of staff to hand it over to.
Anyway, a bit later I got to the checkout and the lady in front of me went to pay.  She was a very elderly, very classy lady, dressed all in black, and very well spoken.  She was panic stricken when she realised her handbag has gone!  I told her it was okay, I had found it and handed it in, so she thanked me again and again,  still in a state of shock, and got her bag back.  As we were going through the till, she came back to me and said in front of everyone
'Are you Church or Chapel'? I asked her to repeat what she had said, as I had been concentrating on my shopping, and again she said 'Church or Chapel'?
'Oh, neither' I stammered, wondering why she asked such a thing.  Everyone was listening. Then she tried to hand me a note, (I don't know if it was five or ten pounds) to 'put in the box when I go'. Of course I didn't take it as I don't go to Church, so she was at a loss how to repay me for handing her bag in.  In must have had a lot of valuable stuff in it.
I just said that I was done a favour a while ago and was asked to 'pay it forward' so perhaps a time may come when she could do someone a favour too and pay it forward :0) Everyone was smiling and 'aahhhing' when she tried to give me the money.  What a sweet lady.  I certainly knew I was in Wales when she said 'Church or Chapel' !!!